What Does A Criminal Defense Lawyer Do?

A criminal defense lawyer, also referred to as a criminal law attorney, is an attorney specializing in the defense of corporations and individuals charged with criminal action. Criminal defense lawyers are highly educated lawyers with a graduate degree specializing in criminal law. Criminal defense attorneys must acquire at least a bachelor’s degree and at least three years of law school before they can practice in a state bar. Some states require that criminal defense lawyers pass a state bar exam prior to passing their state bar exam.Checkout Orlando criminal defense lawyer for more info.

When criminal charges are brought against someone, a criminal defense lawyer will work on the behalf of their clients in court as they attempt to protect their legal rights. Criminal charges are a violation of a person’s right to enjoy a free and fair trial. In the United States a defendant may be accused of a federal crime such as tax evasion or murder. Federal criminal charges are different from state criminal charges because federal crimes are investigated by federal authorities and tried in federal courts.

Criminal defense lawyers are called upon to provide expert testimony in court regarding the validity of search warrants, bail amounts, theories of probable cause and other legal issues. Criminal defense lawyers also provide representation for individuals who have been arrested on suspicion of crime but do not have formal charges filed against them. Some criminal attorneys work exclusively with criminal defense lawyers and others do not charge for initial consultation. A criminal defense lawyer will advise their clients on matters ranging from motions in limine to plea negotiations to accept recognizance of responsibility or to enter a guilty plea.


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