Types Of Trees Used In A Tree Service Industry

Tree service industry has many branches and is a great opportunity to make some good money. However, you must be very careful about the type of tree that you select because there are several types of trees available in the market today. Tree service is the process of managing and caring for different kinds of trees which have various requirements such as the size, age and shape. For instance, if you have a tree that grows on a road then you would need to provide it with special protection such as road verge, shrubs, fencing and etc. I strongly suggest you to visit Tree Guardian, Lafayette to learn more about this. The type of trees that you need depends on the type of work that you have to do. There are also other issues such as the size of the project, space availability, number of employees, number of trees and the area that will be handled. Here are a few tips that will help you in deciding on the type of tree services you will require.


Road tree service industry: Roadside trees are one of the important branches of the tree service industry. As these trees provide protection from the harsh weather conditions, they need special protection such as fences, shrubs, fencing, etc. As a result, these trees also require a lot of maintenance and care. There are several kinds of trees that grow on a road side such as elm, maple and other popular species of trees. The first thing to consider is that the height of the tree should be greater than the height of the fencing so that the maximum amount of sun can reach the roots. This will allow the tree to survive and grow strong even under the most adverse climatic conditions.

Forest service: Another branch of this service industry is the forest service, which is concerned with large forests, mainly those which cover several acres or more. These forests contain a lot of trees that grow in different species like elms, beeches, maples and other popular species. There are several reasons why these forests require tree service such as the growth of pests, growth of weeds and diseases, etc. The main purpose of this service is to maintain and keep the forest healthy by cutting down any unwanted trees and plants.

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