Treatment Options for Spider Veins -Brief Notes

Tiny blue or red veins which can be seen on the surface of the skin are spider veins. They can look like trees (thus the name) or spider webs and may appear in only a small area or span your entire leg. They are found on the legs and in the face most often. They can occur due to venous insufficiency, which implies that their valves become defective and start leaking. This makes it possible for the blood to flow in the opposite direction and to begin pooling within the leg veins. Checkout for more info.

The type of spider may also be a product of changes in hormones that follow puberty, pregnancy, menopause, or drugs such as birth control. The explanation for beauty may be sun exposure to fair skinned individuals and it is simply hereditary in others. Whatever the cause, this is a dilemma that is faced by about half of all men and women and, sadly, it does not subside.

Generally, these blood vessels should not cause pain or irritation and care is rarely medically required. But if a patient needs to significantly enhance the appearance of their legs or other areas of the body that have been impacted, luckily, options are available.

The most popular alternative is sclerotherapy. It is normally carried out at the office of the plastic surgeon and no anaesthesia is required. The veins are injected with a solution that causes them to swell, stick together and close for good. Approximately one injection per inch of spider vein will be given to the patient. In just a couple of weeks, they’ll fade and vanish. Since their deeper, broader equivalents will take over the blood flow back to the heart, this does not adversely affect blood flow. This kind of surgery is very successful, but several times might be appropriate.

Laser therapy is becoming more common as well. A laser is used to fire bright and blinding light directly at the vein during this operation, reducing the vein to nothing. Over time, the veins of the spider will disappear and stop being. Lasers are very precise, fast and efficient, but the therapy can be painful. For treatment, a few laser therapy sessions may be required.

Laser surgery or sclerotherapy may be used solely or in conjunction with each other and with other options for treatment. To decide the best treatment plan for them it is important for each patient to consult their board-certified plastic surgeon.

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