Think Again Before You Crumple Up That Traffic Ticket!

A lot of people put it on the back burner when they get a traffic ticket and do not treat it very seriously. Of course, they do this until the court date rolls around and panic often sets in afterwards. At this point, a person often discusses whether or not to simply “mail it in” and plead guilty or obtain an attorney instead and hope to plead to a lower charge.Learn more about us at -Should I Take An Online Driving Course Before My Traffic Ticket?

While signing the back of the ticket may be easier and more convenient, mail it in to the “powers that are” and be done with it, this is almost always not the best choice. An individual risk points are placed on their licence by blindly pleading guilty to a traffic ticket, and an increase in insurance premiums often go hand and hand. This can also be a consequence of those who are vulnerable to being stopped for speeding. The more points a person has on their licence, the less likely they are to have a chance to negotiate a plea for a reduced charge successfully.

Of course, this is all common sense, which is why employing an attorney when getting a traffic ticket should be a no brainer. If a ticket is ignored or a blind plea of guilty is entered, the cost in legal fees will be far less than the rise in insurance rates.

People plead guilty many times, not knowing the consequences, only to find out later that they now have numerous points on their licence. To try to remedy the situation, they then tend to seek legal counsel. An attorney can file what is known as a Coram Nobis at this point, which is an application to the court to review its own judgement. To say the least, this is an uphill battle and it can be costly in terms of legal fees.

In short, it is wise to seek legal advice immediately when a person receives a traffic ticket, whether for speeding or running a red light or stop sign, to avoid unnecessary points on their licence and increased insurance premiums. Be sure to think again before crumpling up that traffic ticket to avoid financial burden and general stress.

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