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For men, there are few things as scary as seeing the hair that should be on your head, instead laying on the pillow or in the shower drain. When this happens, the inevitable road to hair loss begins and for many men, it is the beginning of the end. look at this site

However, it does not have to be, and there are things you can do to prevent hair loss from happening, or at least delay it before you start getting a reflective surface on the top of your head.

1. First of all, get enough sleep. It is surprising by how much sleep can help you have a healthy head of hair. Many people do not realize that while they sleep, their hair grows and strengthens. Therefore, getting at least eight hours of sleep per night will help to strengthen and grow your hair, without you having to do anything. Studies have also shown that when you are in a deep sleep, your hair will strengthen even more, so why not try meditating for 15 minutes before you go to bed. Doing this will clear up your mind, get you into a deep sleep and help your hair grow strong and long.

2. Showering on a daily basis helps you prevent your hair from falling out because it gets rid of some of the chemicals that are in our head. Many times, hair will be lost on people because they have an excess of sebum on the hair, which causes your hair shafts to get crowded with dirt, causing it to fall out. If you shower on a daily basis with conditioner and shampoo, your scalp will be clean and your hair will be healthy.

3. Protein is huge in helping prevent hair loss because your hair is made up of a protein called Kerotin. This protein needs to be nourished, and therefore you need to eat foods that are high in this protein, including lean meats, peanuts, eggs, whole grain bread and legumes.

4. Massages help the body relax and they can help your hair grow, if the massage is on your scalp. If you promote hair growth by massaging the scalp, just for five minutes a day, it will make a huge difference.

5. Stay away from styling products, including hair gels, because they can cause hair loss in some people, especially males. Instead of using hair gels, use all-natural hair care products, including those with Aloe Vera in it.

Hair loss is something no man wants to go through, let alone the women who also lose their hair. It is a process that can be embarrassing and stressful, which causes more hair loss for the individual. There are many ‘fad’ ways to prevent hair loss, but there are also many natural ways that have been proven to work time and time again.

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