The Fundamentals Of dog dads love gifts

Would you run out of ideas for family and friends who love your dog? I don’t know about you but my dogs I hug. I have the world’s slenderest little Yorkshire Terriers. I can’t seem to pass up anything that has a Yorkie picture on it. I have it from the T-shirts to the stops at the entrance. Unfortunately there aren’t many high-end pieces to choose from. Nonetheless, I recently came across a website that offers dog lovers a exclusive new product-Hand Carved Pet Furniture. Have a look at dog dads love gifts for more info on this.

No, dogs aren’t furniture —- it’s furniture that carves the picture of your dog’s hand on it. Michael Park, a 2nd generation Master Wood Carver, carves single high-quality piece of furniture by hand. Michael mastered his father’s trade and perfected his skills for over 19 years. The state of Pennsylvania honoured Michael by certifying him formally as a “Master Wood Carver.” How did you ever hear of a State-certified artist? Pretty stunning.

Existing pieces include: wall panels, leash racks, dog feeders, wall mirrors, accent tables, magazine racks, wine racks, plant stands, welcome signs, book ends, desk sets, business card holders and more. Each piece can be personalized with the name of your dog and you’ve got your choice of solid Oak or Cherry wood. There are 157 different breeds to choose from.

Through carving is an exact reproduction of original artwork by Michael Park. We are designed and hand painted in studio by Michael to match the exact colors of your dog. Give yourself, or family , and friends a rare piece of art they’ll love forever. Give them a furry friend, carved by hand.

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