Massage Enhances Athletic Performance

It takes a huge amount of determination and hard work to be an athlete to be on top of whatever competition a sportsman wishes to embark on. Athletes need to invest more in their physical skills if they want to conquer intense preparation and achieve on-the-top results, rather than just possessing excellent skills and mental abilities. How do athletes ensure that their bodies keep up with training expectations with a hefty amount of time spent on drills and be able to heal quicker for the next set of work outs? How do athletes improve athletic performance with a fallible physical body? The answer is very straightforward; your old, easy massage will do you tricks.You may want to check out OsteoStrong – Eden Prairie-Athletic Performance for more.

A systematic study that appeared in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness says that massage benefits athletic rehabilitation and performance. After an assessment of available research literature, the databases indicated that athletes would experience delayed muscle soreness after exercise, rapid regeneration of muscle tissue, as well as a supportive psychological framework through massage. Massage can just take your athletic success to the next level through these fascinating potentials.

Generally speaking, there are many significant ways in which clinical massage aids athletes in their athletic activities. Chosen male athletes were subjected to muscle analysis before and after exercises in a study conducted by researchers from McMaster University. Muscle biopsies were taken and analysed with one leg receiving the massage and the other acting as control to assess any potential advantages that the massage could offer. There are substantial increases in the number of mitochondrial cells, the components responsible for converting nutrients into energy, in the leg that receives deep tissue massage. As a result, as more energy is guided into and used by the muscle cells, the muscles can withstand longer hours of fatigue. Thus, compared to those who do not routinely benefit from it, athletes who have been massaged have more stamina.

In addition, therapeutic massage has also merited attention as it can also increase the time of recovery. Increased blood flow, increased range of motion and decreased muscle pain can be experienced by athletes through this alternative medicine. It is predicted that this list of benefits would help athletes avoid accidents or injuries. In addition, a study published in the Journal of Athletic Training found that delayed-onset muscle soreness can be alleviated by as much as 30 percent by therapeutic massage followed by less muscle swelling. Delayed-onset muscle pain is a condition characterised by muscle pain and soreness that typically occurs after exercise or after brief periods of inactivity when athletes have returned to intensive training.

Finally, massage influences not just the physical component of the production of sports, but also the psychological arena of sports competition. It has been noted that massage athletes have experienced changes in mood and a notable decrease in levels of anxiety. This, in turn, is responsible for the athletes’ relaxation, which then puts them in the right frame of mind, ready for a peak performance full of action.

Involving our bodies in sports often means exposing ourselves to higher pressures and pushing ourselves beyond our limits. Therefore, we owe it to our body to reward it with the best form of care if tangled into some sports endeavour. A massage can be extremely favourable for you, whether you are a beginner or a leading sportsman. Instead, go to a specialist and explore how sports massage can be of benefit. Do not ignore the alarming twitch in your muscles or the injury you developed from your previous results.