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It is not always necessary that you are criminal or have committed a crime to require a good legal counsel. When you are looking for a criminal Defense attorney you should ensure that you find and engage the best you can afford. There are many technicalities, circumstantial evidences, wrong-time wrong-place type scenarios and the like that could put you on a spot without you being guilty of anything. In such cases, here is how you would ensure that you find and get the best criminal defense lawyer there is.

1. Go to the Internet to search for legal counsels who specialize in criminal defense – there is no better place to start your search than the Net. Key in your requirement and it will give you long lists of possible resources. Make a list of the first 10 best sites and then research each one of these eminent sites carefully. Look for success stories, scams and disgruntled clients, feedback and reviews or testimonials. Each angle will give you an insight into the performance of the company and its professionals. Interested readers can find more information about them at Contant Law, P.C. – Bankruptcy Attorney Woburn.

2. Verify credentials – unless it is a company of national or state repute, do not take anything at face value. You need a great lawyer to defend you whether you are guilty or not. You cannot afford to risk conviction for the moment you are convicted; your life may become a nightmare. This conviction will follow you and harass you in your professional and personal lifelong.

3. Ask for personal references – talk with friends, colleagues, family and ask them to refer you to someone they would have already tried or know firsthand. Personal references in such a situation might be a little difficult to get, but if you ask around you would definitely get someone who knows someone who father/sister/ brother/ etc is a great professional in the field. This would be your best bet for two reasons: (i) the reference comes through friends or family members and hence you would get preferential treatment; (ii) since this is firsthand info, you are getting your money’s worth.

4. Ask for interviews – talk with the proposed professional and watch out for your gut feelings. As with a doctor, you should be extremely comfortable talking and confiding in this person. Unless this professional inspires in your trust and complete reliance, you better keep looking. Look for signs of confidence (not to be confused with over-confidence) and self-assurance besides professional expertise.

5. Experience – needless to say that the professional you should hire should be one who has behind him/ her a series of success stories; the more complex the better. If you have to choose between a gold medalist who has just passed out from law school, and one who has some 20 years of practicing behind him/ her, I would go for the one with 20 years experience. This does not mean that the gold medalist is of no use – all theory no practice; rather, it means that you are using the advantage the experienced professional to your benefit.