CBD Tea – Need To Know More

CBD tea is the combination of CBD oil and tea leaves, also called cannabidiol, and referred to as cannabis sativa. CBD is an anti-inflammatory compound found in both the leaves and seeds of the marijuana plant. In its liquid extract form, it has no THC – the primary active ingredient in cannabis. It doesn’t produce feelings of intoxication and can be consumed in various ways. One example is in the form of a supplement.Feel free to visit official site.

Good research shows that CBD is very similar in structure to THC. Thus, it can be expected that its effects on the body will have the same results as those of cannabis sativa. This has led many people to try and derive its benefits from it. However, some of these studies suggest that CBD can actually cause negative side effects when taken. Because it doesn’t affect receptors like other drugs, CBD may interact with other medications and in turn increase the potential for adverse side effects. A study published in Nature Communications looked at the effects of CBD on cancer cells in culture and saw an increase in the viability of cancerous cells in the presence of CBD.

The study did not include any clinical trials, but the authors do believe the results are plausible and should be investigated further. There are other studies that show CBD to be very helpful in the treatment of seizures. It is still unclear whether CBD works for other illnesses, such as epilepsy or cancer, or is it just another drug byproduct of growing marijuana plants. With all the research on CBD’s possible side effects and its ability to interact with other drugs, more research is needed to determine if it really does have beneficial effects.