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Commercial glass installation can cover installing plate glass windows in store fronts or auto glass windows. Both of these types of glass can be considered commercial in nature, but the installation requires completely different tools and skills. Visit Santa Fe Glass – Gladstone.

Commercial glass installation to replace store front windows will require the technician to get measurements of the opening where the item is to be placed. The measurements will tell the technician the diameter of the piece they need and the thickness of the piece they will need. Windows are constructed to hold a particular thickness of glass and you cannot easily change the thickness without completely rebuilding the window frame.

Commercial glass installation requires the technicians to work with safety glass. Safety glass is created by heat tempering the panels. Once the material is heat tempered it will shatter into small pieces instead of breaking into large ragged pieces. This material will also require special care to connect it to hinges and frames.

The holes for door panels designed for commercial glass installation are pre-drilled in the material so that the technician does not break the panel when trying to install hinges and locks. This material is very hard to break, but the edges of the panels are the most vulnerable places on it. If the holes are not pre-drilled before the tempering of the panel, the technician will have a difficult time making them without breaking the item.

Most of the glass installation companies that do auto window replacement will actually come to your work place or to your home to replace your windshields that are broken. The majority of the windshields that are replaced are ordered by the glass works company from the dealership that built the car. The dealership will have the exact measurements for the piece and will be able to send a piece that will fit perfectly with little or no fine tuning. The gaskets and clips that hole the windshield in position may need to be replaced when the glass is replaced.

You can do these types of glass replacement at home if you are a do it yourself kind of person. Auto glass replacement is easily done because of the fact that the dealership makes and sells the replacement pieces designed for the specific make and model of vehicle you drive. The panels required replacing plate glass windows and glass business doors can be ordered from a glass works company.

If you are going to try and do the repairs for yourself you need to know that having two sets of hands will come in handy. The weight of the piece may not require you to have help to lift it, but the shape and size may give you difficulty if you try to install them alone.

Before you decide how you will get your glass replaced you should check around and see who offers the best price. Make sure that each replacement bid covers the same things. You need to know exactly what the company is offering before you can decide who is offering the best deal.

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