Real Estate – An Overview

Real estate deals deal with the buying and selling of residential, commercial or industrial real estate properties. The most common types are single-family dwellings (flat, bungalow, condominium) and town houses (high-rise tower, row-home). Real estate investment refers to buying and selling real estate as a method for creating wealth by putting your money into something that will earn returns. Real estate investments may be used to satisfy a need (food, clothing, shelter), provide for an individual’s lifestyle, or create a future net worth. Do you want to learn more? Visit real estate.
Real estate includes many forms such as apartment buildings, condominiums, row-houses, mobile homes, vacant land, agricultural land, undeveloped lands, business properties, strip malls, office buildings, warehouses, industrial spaces, parcels of raw land, undeveloped parcels of land, hinterland roads, aviation facilities, water rights, mining claim, gold mines, forests, infrastructure, pipelines, etc. Real estate has been termed as a primary source of income for many individuals and groups. Some people have taken up real estate investment as a profession, while some others have become successful business persons by investing in real estate. Real estate comprises almost fifty percent of the Indian economy. Some of the main categories of real estate include: Residential Real Estate, Industrial Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Property Real Estate, Healthcare Real Estate, Education/Training Real Estate, Transportation Real Estate, Corporate Real Estate, Family Real Estate, Corporate Leads Real Estate, Non-Residential Real Estate, Business Loans Real Estate, Structured Settlement Real Estate, Alternative Investment Real Estate and Foreclosures Real Estate.
Real estate includes different types of physical structure including homes, residential buildings, industrial buildings, office complexes, town houses, row-homes, bungalows, condominiums, mansions, lands, etc. Housing real estate comprises of apartments, single-family homes, small rural houses, high-rise buildings, townhouses, condominiums, and other such properties like agricultural lands, woodland lands, undeveloped lands, etc. Industrial real estate includes warehouses, manufacturing concerns, garages, shop buildings, repair shops, industrial production plants, transportation facilities, and others. Commercial real estate includes office complexes, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, spas, luxury apartments, and others. The market value of real estate is on the rise and appreciating by the day. These values are influenced by economic factors, population growth, and availability of land.

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