Pick Right Yoga Teacher Training

I limited the selection method to five basic questions you would ask yourself when attempting to determine for yourself on the best teacher-training course!

How long will I keep my course?

200 A.m.? 300 A.m.? Perhaps only for 500-hour? Such figures decide the duration of each course in yoga instructor instruction. Most yogis usually begin with a 200-hour course, and if you plan to instruct, most yoga studios allow teachers to have a minimum of 200-hour YTT.look at this site

Typically a 300-hour course is most suited for beginner or experienced yogis, because it also delves into asanas and anatomy. Many colleges often allow the pupil to pursue a 200-hour course first, before completing the 300-hour exam.

You will also do a 500-hour program where you successively mix a 200-hour with a 300-hour plan. Bear in mind, however, that the greater the amount of time you would have to invest for more hours coming into the course. A course of 200 hours is usually 20 to 30 days long and a course of 300 hours is from 30 and 40 days. A 500-hour preparation plan demands that you work for up to 70 days.

What yoga styles will I be teaching?

Which meditation types are you most involved in training and practising? Hatha yoga practice teaches the most common yoga instructor teaching but other forms are also gaining popularity quickly. If you’re into an energetic yoga form, maybe an Ashtanga yoga instructor training is better for you. When you want to concentrate on mindfulness, breath and meditation, you might want to pursue a Kundalini yoga instructor training course. The common yoga form is the Bikram yoga popularized by Bikram Choudhury with Bikram yoga schools expanding in the U.S. and across the world.

Any style of yoga you select, make sure to choose one that resonates directly with you and your practice. It’s important to select a yoga style you can hold in your everyday practice.

Where do I go?

If the sort of yoga training course and the hours have been decided, the only question you need to know is the location where you can receive your certification. You may want to continue to do it locally, but if you are involved in traveling internationally there are several amazing locations that offer a fantastic training course for yoga teachers.

India as a yoga teacher-training destination is still the most common option for most yogis. For yoga schools based in Dharamsala, Rishikesh and Kerala, there are plenty of choices from which you choose. Even Bali is a common destination for yogis who want to immerse themselves in their training between lush greenery and serene nature. Yoga teacher training Costa Rica has also emerged in recent years as a popular destination particularly for yogis in the area of the Americas. In Europe, Spain is also the teacher training destination of preference.

Do not forget to check the accreditation of your school wherever you choose in the country. And find out what people have experienced, read reports by previous participants. Do test if the school is Yoga Alliance accredited as this gives a good baseline on the establishment’s reputability.

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