Philip Naiman Physiotherapy Guide

The importance of physiotherapy when recovering from injury can not be overemphasized: the smallest injury responds favorably to physical therapy and even serious injury can heal safely and quickly without any other medical medication.

Although physiotherapy can conjure up images of joint manipulation by the therapist’s twisting of the limbs into unnatural positions,¬†Philip Naiman Physiotherapy this is just one of the methods of physiotherapy healing. Importance of physiotherapy in healing stems from the number of available techniques.

Popping up a pain reliever such as Aspirin to alleviate discomfort is only useful as long as the pain is a non-recurring one and not a serious injury. People with back pain realize the importance of physiotherapy because it provides quicker relief and encourages healing through relaxation, simple exercises and stretches, heat therapy and traction. If the patient has been ridden for quite some time, the therapist may prescribe some or a combination of these therapies to reduce muscle rigidity and restore their suppleness and elasticity.

Physiotherapy takes care not only of pain relief but also of avoiding further damage. The healthcare professionals recognize the importance of physiotherapy in tucking in the pelvis and their emphasis on using knee bends instead of waist to lift heavy items as it protects the back against injury.

The advantages of physiotherapy are considered to be chronic respiratory conditions, breathing difficulties and circumstances in which patients must use their lungs without any assistance. Chest physiotherapy uses methods of coughing, shaking, spinning, and clapping to push bacteria-filled mucus out of the body, and also to keep it from forming. The value of these strategies also lies in the fact that they can be used effectively on anyone, be it children or adults.

The value of physiotherapy is also known to victims of automobile accidents and patients suffering from physical injuries. Neck or shoulder pain, dizziness, weakness, numbness or pain in the arm or hand, blurred or ringing in the ear may suggest whiplash, an accident involving a car or a sport. Doctors tend to prescribe physiotherapy for moderate whiplash incidence. Even in serious whiplash cases, with physiotherapy it only takes about two weeks or a little more to heal.

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