Oxford Septic Tank Installation – Repair and Replacement

Wherever the waste goes after it gets flushed down the toilet is not something many of us ever care of, and should not be. Plumbing and public sanitation have become much more easy, hygienic and reliable, thanks to technological developments in the last century. I strongly suggest you to visit Oxford Septic Tank Installation to learn more about this. The vast majority of us who reside in metropolitan areas have our home sewer lines hooked into the city sewer mains, ensuring that our waste goes to a regional treatment plant for disposal. But for homes and businesses that are unable to tap into public sewer lines, using a septic tank is an alternative that provides similar results in a different way.

They are large sewage storage ponds, located almost always beneath the ground. These are usually made of plastic, and often can produce waste worth several weeks. A septic tank may generally allow waste to be permanently disposed of in one of three ways: by constantly draining out, by adding bacteria or chemicals that eat away the waste naturally, or by enabling the waste to be spread spontaneously through a leech area into the environment. In all such cases, septic tanks usually require less maintenance than you would think after completion of the initial installation.

In a couple of different situations a tank is generally required. The first, and most important, is in more rural areas that do not have access to public city sewer systems. The tax dollars we pay as a city’s residents go in part into delivering sanitary facilities, one of which is operating a municipal sewage treatment plant and sewerage system. Nevertheless, if your home or business is too far from existing city sewer lines, you will need to disposal of your own waste by building a septic tank network. Permanent tanks are generally fairly affordable, can be installed in a few days, and are reliable.

Another situation that septic tanks may be used is on lengthy, large construction projects that will require a lot of staff over a longer time period. In this situation, portable toilets may be too short and insufficient, but it could be too expensive and time consuming to actually build a sewage main to connect to the public sewers. A small tank system is a better option in this situation, which can be used briefly and then eliminated once the building project is complete.

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