New Ideas For Staying Sober

If you have few resources or no tools at all, staying sober, whether it’s alcohol or drugs, can be a struggle. The following are some tried and tested instruments used by others to keep them on the road of sobriety, read this article.

Ten Essential Sober Staying Tools:

1. Attend daily 12 Step meetings: Encourage individuals to get to know you, exchange information and receive it. You also get to know them by having others to know you and you build a network of help for those rough times. You will also find out by sharing that your concerns are not special and that others can relate to them. That’s a big deal!

2. Using the telephone list: 12 Steps groups will share a phone list of individuals who are eager and ready to be approached for assistance by beginners that they have assembled. Using this list, the first time you call someone the phone will seem to weigh a lot, make sure that you have several names you can call just in case someone is out of town, at work or in the shower.

3. Get a mentor: A sponsor is someone who can help guide you through the twelve steps, who is able to listen and encourage you so that you can remain sober. A human, ideally if you are a woman, and a man if you are a man. When you are most insecure, this keeps you from being emotionally attached. The sobriety and experience of your sponsor would be very precious to you.

4. Whenever requested to do so, practise anonymity: Certain individuals in recovery are very transparent about their sobriety and it is no secret to them or anyone. Not all 12 Step participants, though, are like that. In relation to all participants of rehabilitation circles, be respectful of others’ anonymity. Anonymity implies that in this case, a particular organised group is not recognised or marked.

5. Get a treatment plan: don’t believe it’s just that you’re going to stay sober. To stay sober, genuine honesty is needed and you can stay on track by making a plan. Your recovery strategy should include things such as hanging out with sober buddies, attending sober picnics, parties, bowling leagues, baseball leagues, to keep you sober. Yes, there’s stuff like that.

6. Get interested in service: Service doesn’t really mean work, it means doing what others have done for you for others. Arrive early to make coffee at the meeting, set up chairs or tables, welcome newcomers and old timers, or even help clean up after the meeting. That way, you’ll find that you make more friends and go home in a far better frame of mind than when you arrived.

7. Write down things that have an effect: write down some things you might have learned shortly after the meeting that made an impact, an acronym, a saying, a storey or some idea that you think would help you stay sober. You don’t have to write a book, it would just be useful for later use to jog your memory with a few short notes or sentences.

8. Read regular inspirational literature: find time to read some form of inspirational literature every day, whether in the morning or during the day. Something that will cultivate your spirit for a better day and encourage you to have peace. If you’re not religious, it does not have to be religious; there are many good books out there. To start their day some people actually read a nice poem from their poetry book. Just make it intimate.

9. Keep in contact with a Higher Power every day: make sure that you say something or think something to communicate with your Higher Power, whether you name your Higher Power, Deity, Spirit, Great World, or just HP (Higher Power). This contact affirms that you are not alone and that your Greater Power is with you no matter what happens during the day.

10. Just for today: don’t take the drink or do the drug just for today. Just keep yourself safe and sober for today. Keep your wits about you just for today. Live your life only for today. Just enjoy your day today, because it will be gone tomorrow, and you can’t do anything to get it back. Only enjoy the breath of life today and see the beauty around you. For today only.

For years, alcoholics and opioid abusers have used these tried and tested devices. These same individuals are now reaping the gifts of sobriety and offering these instruments, so by remaining sober, you too can keep off the destructive path.

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