More Marijuana Questions

Does marijuana lead to drugs that are tougher?

This question is a loaded one. (No pun) The way this one is often expressed makes cannabis a “soft drug” Both medications have problematic side effects of their own, and marijuana is no exception. Of the many thousands of drugs out there though, smoked marijuana is well above even the dangerous halfway point. It’s a tougher substance.Learn more by visiting Dispensary Near Me

That being said, does marijuana trigger anyone to use other drugs that are deemed more addictive or more harmful? I don’t think anybody can claim that marijuana smoking necessarily leads anyone to turn to heroin or cocaine drugs. Nonetheless…

It is easy to demonstrate that marijuana was used first by most users of cocaine, heroin and ecstasy. The most possible reason for this is that the other substances became more appealing as the buzz from the marijuana became less thrilling. It is also true that being around a lot of pot smokers and sellers will introduce someone to other drugs they would never have had a chance to use otherwise.

Does Cancer Cause Smoking Marijuana?

No one knows for sure what is causing the growth of cancer. We do know what improves the odds, however of getting it. Carcinogens are called chemicals. When present in the atmosphere of a person or consumed by smoking or eating, these irritating substances significantly increase the risk of malignancies developing in the body.

Marijuana smoke produces far more of these carcinogens than cigarette smoke.

In certain states, do physicians prescribe marijuana?

Doctors can legally prescribe marijuana for a few particular illnesses in about 13 states. Very few doctors really do this, and they do not prescribe it when they do. They don’t fill out a prescription for a bag of marijuana that says “CUSH” that you take to the nearest drug store. All they do is sign a card that simply says, “This person is sick.” And then it is only for their own personal use that the “patient” is permitted to possess a limited amount of marijuana.

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