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Curious about the programs for the brain training? Besides smoke and mirrors is there anything for them? I used four of them, and I like them, but here’s information from two researchers at the University of Michigan who offer an e-book that draws on their professional expertise to humorously explain that brain fitness is certainly something we can cultivate. It all begins at the head.

Thoughts are stuff, after all. They are electrical and chemical pulses which by their very existence alter your brain. Mind exercise preparation will give you the resources to develop your mind and maintain safety and wellbeing for a lifetime.If you would like to learn more about this,  see this page

Thoughts on your thoughts alter your existence so easily. With a think about as soon as you can open your eyes, you adjust your hormone drink.

(You could have known your significant other for a long time, so you did not alter your life until you found the terms “I love you”)?

Brainfit to Life-Find How Right

What Happens in Brain Training Programs, Anyway? According to Evans and Burghardt, our brains are constantly engaging in internal recalibration. Our brains use about 20 per cent of our bodies’ daily fuel requirements, and in an attempt to use them wisely, our brains are constantly building and dismantling circuits inside our heads, the circuits being neurons that fire together when a certain task arises.

For example, when I was a little kid, I took piano lessons and formed some circuits, but not many, while I practiced that skill, but in 50 years (half a century!) I haven’t played a piano, so my brain has most certainly dismantled those connections. I don’t serve as an organism to keep those circuits and other unused circuits fuelled and idling, prepared for action on the odds I went off.

So the synapses that once fired together in a piano-playing circuit fell into disuse, meaning the neurons closed the neurotransmitter receptors on the piano-playing neurons, or involved them in another task.

If I had continued to play, however, the neurons would have opened more receptors on the neurons involved in piano play, enhancing those neurons’ ability to coordinate activity, and those neurons would have both invited other neurons into the circuit and sprouted dendrites that increase the number of neurons (synapses touching) that have with them.

“….every other (a process called synaptogenesis, meaning literally ‘synapse creation’). To increase the connectivity between the two sides, think of this as multiple bridges over a river. If one bridge collapses or undergoes maintenance, the traffic can be picked up by others.

Third, neurons can synapse with other neurons they were not originally talking to and recruit into the circuit more brain cells. Again, all these increases the odds that the signal won’t drop. Importantly, such techniques often improve the brain circuit ‘s longevity, making it less prone to degenerate or be decommissioned when you mature.

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