Know the facts about Vehicle Shipping Agent

Have you just found the car you were searching for a truck, a travel trailer or a boat? The only problem is that in any of the what you need to know now the vehicle is across the sea is how much it will cost you to ship it over and what documents you will need.Learn more about us at Vehicle Shipping Agent

The first thing you will need to do at this stage is to find out exactly how much it will cost you to ship the vehicle from the point of origin to the point of delivery, whether it be a car, truck, travel trailer or boat. What you need is a completely inclusive quote that covers all expenses that are likely to be incurred for the entire trip, i.e., a ‘Door to Door’ price.

This is the time when you will need the services of a good freight forwarder or shipping agent, preferably one who specialises in vehicle movement and the like who will be able to provide you with a vehicle shipping quotation.

Similar costs and paperwork are involved either way, whether you are shipping from the USA or from the UK. The cost of delivery of the vehicle from the point of origin to the closest docks would be incurred to begin with. A fee for port handling and paperwork expenses, which includes the completion of the Customs Entry and the Waybill, is imposed while there. Freight The cost of shipping from port to port is now incurred.

When the vehicle has arrived at the port of departure, storage charges and paperwork charges, covering the inbound customs entry, are again imposed. At this point depending on the value of the vehicle, there is also a duty/VAT charge involved. Last but not least, the actual delivery expense to the ultimate destination is the list of costs associated with vehicle transport, unless you are in a position to retrieve the vehicle from the docks yourself. The key thing to note is to make sure that you use a reliable Shipping Agent/Freight Forwarder to manage the movement and make sure that all the cost elements that will be incurred are covered by the quote you get.

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