Know the facts about South Ockendon Scaffold Tower Hire

Employ a scaffold initially that accesses your entire wall. You need a 5.2-metre tower for a 2-storey building. It is incredibly helpful to employ scaffold towers as it helps you to access wider parts of the wall, so you can get a smoother, evener application; you will not have to shunt and manoeuvre a stepladder around, wasting time and energy.Check out South Ockendon Scaffold tower hire for more info.

Hired scaffold towers are simple to instal and securely lock into place, making it easy for you to reach your rendering materials quickly: rag, scoop, plastic float, wire brush, render mixing container (wheelbarrow or cement mixer) and enough lime or cement render to cover your wall.

Using a gel or a paste remover if you have paint on your wall, then use a low-pressure washer to clean the rest of the walls.

You are ready to apply the undercoat once you have a fully cleaned wall (two if you live in an especially exposed area, or none if you have a’monocouche’ rendering, which does not require an undercoat). Your undercoat should have a thickness of around 8 – 12 mm.

Before you apply the rendering, spraying the wall slightly will prevent the application from cracking as it dries (if you are in a very warm area).

Mix the rendering and water carefully on the packet you’re using, following the instructions.

Fill the rendering bucket and hitch your hired scaffold tower up.

Heap some make onto your float with your trowel, then scoop some onto your trowel from your float, so it rests on one-half of your trowel length. Work your way up from the bottom corner of the wall, layering the render to a thickness of around 10 mm. Cover areas about one metre wide at a time, blending each strip into the next using gentle sweeping motions.

Do the same around the wall from the safety of your scaffolding tower until it’s protected and smooth. The time to get imaginative until the rendering sets is you have about four hours.

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