How to Choose a Watch Repair Service

Aside from the monetary interest of collectors ‘ watches, several are family heirlooms and have sentimental value too. On this note, it’s no wonder that watch enthusiasts are careful and prefer only trusted providers to manage their collection’s complex mechanisms. Below are some tips on what to look for in a watch repair service company. Visit WATCH & JEWELRY REPAIR CENTERS.

Good craftsmanship

The number one requirement should be this. Make sure you are going to a business which has approved watchmakers. Licenses are gained through training courses and master classes. Practice often influences craftsmanship. In reality, there is no substitute for experience that is why students have work placements and coop placements on the job trainings. To check a watch service company’s history simply find out how many years they’ve been in operation. This details can be found in business listings or directories, and on the website of the company. Practice and preparation go hand in hand when it comes to honing craftwork. Continuous training to get updated on the latest watchmaking technologies is even more relevant today as new watch pieces, bands and bracelets result from advancements in technology. Using silicium hairsprings (or silicone) for example is a hot topic among watchmakers. The manufacture requires someone highly skilled in advanced technology and its use in watches is said to speed up the manufacturing process.

Another way to test competence is to find out about the company’s presence in industry professional organisations. Membership in a prestigious watchmaking association is certainly not in itself a measure of craftsmanship but it gives the business prestige because of membership criteria.

Superb Customer Support

You need to test the company’s customer service after making sure the company has approved watch technicians with extensive experience. Does the workers know the industry? If you call to ask about the service, you want to speak to a person who has a clear understanding of the service at the very least and can trustfully answer your questions. Great customer service ensures that the jewelery is handled with care and respect. A watch repair company wants customer service staff to supplement its technicians ‘ expertise.

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