Guidelines to essential supplies for a successful marijuana dispensary

Although the quality of your stash determines your dispensary’s success, your company will not be profitable and effective without the supplies you need to sustain it. Here is a list to help you understand what you need to run your company in order to help lead you through the overwhelming world of dispensary supplies. Checkout LUCID Recreational Marijuana Dispensary – Lacey-Dispensary Near Me for more info.

Products for Packaging

Since there are so many different types of packaging options for cannabis products, it usually depends on consumer tastes and the type of products you intend to store. The basic dispensary offers wholesale goods that you would need to include:

The Buds

You would need things like pop top cans, containers with squeeze tops or jars with large mouths in order to package cannabis buds. For that reason, you can also opt for smell-proof bags.

The Edibles

For edibles, depending on the type of edible you have, you can go for simple plastic containers or child-proof containers that are more sturdy.

Marijuana medicine

These normally come in shrink bands that are an industry norm and help ensure that their drug is new and in no way has been tampered with or contaminated.


For legal purposes, not only do you need stickers, but it can also be a perfect way to mark the goods and advertise your dispensary.

Compliance with

Ensure that the labels comply with recreational or medicinal marijuana laws in the state.

Printing POS system

It can help to increase productivity and be more professional by using labels that your POS system can print.

Security in Safety

The cannabis protection equipment you keep on hand is another place where compliance and customer loyalty play a major role. In order to operate a high quality, reliable marijuana dispensary that is in accordance with state legislation, proper handling and safety protocols are essential. Here are a few supplies you should have for marijuana safety:


Ensure that staff use nitrile gloves or plastic disposable gloves when treating or supplying customers with goods. For making edibles or processing marijuana, you will also need individually cut, chemical and heat-resistant gloves.

The Aprons

You need aprons when serving clients or handling goods in order to comply with FFDCA guidelines.

Covers with likely pollutants

To ensure that there is no cannabis exposure, ensure that the workers are protected with sleeve covers, bear covers, eye protection, hairnets and shoe covers.

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