Estate Planning Attorney

What exactly does an estate planning attorney do? The estate planning attorney is a lawyer who helps people decide what is legally allowed under their state’s probate laws, to do with making their estates work when they die. This may involve preparing the Will, estate planning documents such as the revocable living trust, or creating a trust and planning the assets accordingly.Checkout Roswell Estate Planning Attorney for more info.

So how do you know if you need an estate planning attorney? For those people who are seriously ill or disabled, can’t make decisions for themselves and have other special needs, they might want to consider contacting a New York probate attorney who is familiar with the process and can help them establish a will, execute a trust, or establish new special needs trusts. If you own real estate in New York and don’t have a Will or any other estate planning document, you may be required to create one with the county courts. If you do not have any family members who can act as legal representatives, you’ll need a personal representative to sign your name.

But what if you already have an estate plan in place? In many cases, the original plan can still be updated or altered to include special needs, asset protection, and/or beneficiary designations. To do so, an attorney would file a Special Needs Trust, a modified Last Will and Testament, or a Supplement to the Last Will and Testament. These additional forms must be filed with the county courts before a probate court can issue a new living trust, a revocable living trust, or another estate plan.

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