Eco-Friendly Skin Care

We are coastal. Life began there and deep are our links to this wonderful and enigmatic marine environment. And, isn’t it only normal that we try to use sea components in environmentally friendly skin care products at our island nation, the UK? Here is some detail on skin treatments focused on the aquatic and natural beauty products.

Thalassotherapy, what? tells us that thalassotherapy is “the medicinal use of seawater. It is claimed that the products of seawater have beneficial effects on the pores of the skin.” Developed in France in the 19th century, thalassotherapy “skin care is performed in various forms such as warm seawater baths, marine mud or algae paste application or inhalation of sea fog.” While most of us can not fly to the Dead Sea area where this therapy is common, we can enjoy the advantages of marine ingredients in skin products.Have a look at Capital Skin for more info on this.

Algae Benefits as a Skin Care Ingredient Algae are omnipresent in our marine environment, and are abundant in components that help regulate sebum production in the skin. Sebum is an oil which protects and also lubricates the skin. Algae do produce B vitamins, and are thought to play a role in the development of elastin and collagen, two essential components of strong skin that decrease with time. There are also antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects in it.

Additional Materials All the skin care products used in Marine-based Skin Care Ingredients Marine utilize filtered seawater, which is rich in minerals. Certain important ingredients include seaweed powder, marine parsley and reef plants, all of which have skin-protective properties. It is interesting to note that renowned ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau’s granddaughter is the spokeswoman for a range of oceanic skin care products manufactured by the Swiss brand La Prairie. tells us that the business has established a “proprietary aquaculture, with techniques similar to the hydroponic growth of land plants, to cultivate, extract and ferment these ocean botanicals and reap… unique protective benefits.” These natural skin care marine products have skin-calming and skin-nourishing benefits while promoting the development of collagen.

For eco-friendly skin care, safe skin care products containing the ancient secrets of the sea are great alternatives to terrestrial ingredient formulas.

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