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Your health and that of your family relies to a large part on the water fed to your home being acceptable for all household uses. However, we have all seen the newspaper headlines proclaiming this or that pollutant was found in the public water system. Of course, there are occasions when you feel that something is not quite right with your water. When this happens is it really feasible for you to carry out a drinking water test? I strongly suggest you to visit drinking water testing near me to learn more about this.


Just how safe is your water? If you are supplied from a municipal water supply then it is required to be tested regularly for a variety of contaminants. It must pass local and the Federal Clean Drinking Water Act. However, it is only tested for a standard list of contaminants, anything outside of this will not be found. Therefore, in general it is not necessary for you to carry out any drinking water test. That being said there are a number of occasions when you should and some of these are:

(a) If you are buying a new home. This will enable you to check the quality of the existing water supply. Although it might come from the municipal water supply you do not know what is in the house system.

(b) If the water starts to stain laundry and plumbing fixtures.

(c) Your water starts to have a peculiar smell or taste. This might be the chlorine in the water. Furthermore, check your washing machine and dishwasher. The pipes for these should be fitted with a non-return valve so the water from these cannot return to your main water supply.

(d) If your household contains lead pipes, fittings or solder joints. In most modern houses this will not be necessary.

(e) You have just purchased a water filtration system and you want to know if it is working.

The problem is for every single suspected pollutant, there is an individual test. Therefore, the cost of testing can rise very quickly indeed. If you do decide to carry out a drinking water test how do you find a qualified laboratory? The easiest way is to ask your local water authority or the state health department to recommend an independent testing laboratory. An alternative which can give you peace of mind is to fit a whole house water filtration system. This will remove the majority of contaminants from your water. This means in the unlikely event that you have a problem the drinking water test will be much cheaper as you have already eliminated the usual suspects.

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