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With so many of the other ladies getting dressed up for the occasion, ordering a custom outfit from someone qualified to do 2 vital things is about the only way left for the Mothers of the Bride and Groom to stand out from the crowd. First, to design and properly craft the outfit so that it both fits and flatters. And secondly, to make sure that the chosen style and colour is a style and colour that will flatter the wearer, rather than clash with her.I strongly suggest you to visit New York Bride & Groom of Columbia to learn more about this.

For you, solving these 2 issues is one of our specialties.

But this happy occasion is also a milestone, a major achievement in both the mother and the bride or groom’s father’s life.

For you, it’s the culmination of the love you had when you were younger, the goals you set out to accomplish together, and the achievement of one of life’s most precious goals — the beginning of the process that brings your great children to you. And WOW, YOU did that!

You, as the mother and father of the bride or groom, have taken all that life has thrown at you. You were eating it and spitting it out. From girlhood to blushing bride, from boyhood to manhood, you brought in a beautiful young baby and you did it together, and you did it with love.

This may be your child’s wedding day, but for you and your husband, it’s a lot more. It’s a day when you celebrate what your own love created so many years ago, and it’s only natural for you, on a day like this, to remind your husband of how strong his desire for you was all those years ago.

How’re you doing that? You find the right outfit, an outfit that cuts through the comfort with your husband that you’ve grown used to, an outfit that gives him memories of the days when you were younger.