What You Need to Know About The Online Payment of Service Tax

Someone will need to pay service tax as part of the government regulations. There are two ways of doing so, namely one may physically visit the financial institution to make the payment. Additionally, one can sign in electronically and use the facilities of the company tax payment e. This can be achieved if the person has an online bank account, with the net banking facility included.Do you want to learn more? view publisher site

Until starting this process, however, one will need to understand all the specifications and procedures of service tax payment e. If you’re making this payment process, you’ll need to learn about the following factors: Procedure for e payment of service tax As stated earlier, there are two payments that one can make the service tax payable. The online method, however, makes for a suitable measure, since it is most advantageous. When you make the payment online, you’ll need to sign on to the official website to pay the service fee. You’ll need to fill in your 15-digit assesse code, special to you. You’ll also need to pick the sort of obligation or tax you need to fill in. You will need to fill in your bank name, in addition to this. Once you have filled in those details, you may proceed to the next phase.

Verification process No modifications can be made to information which are entered and submitted once. It is therefore necessary to enter the exact details when making the service tax payment e. Therefore a verification process is included in this request in order to make payment of the service tax easier. Through this step you can easily verify and change or delete the information that have been inputted, if necessary. When all of the facts have been checked, the data will be published officially. Upon positive submission, your preferred option will be led to the bank website.

Online payment You can also log your user name and password directly into your online banking facility. Through this process, you will be directed to fill in your information on the official government website, after which it will pass through the verification process. It will then be restored to the website of the bank. You’ll have to put in the sum for the service tax payable for each accounting code.

Acknowledgement It is necessary to get evidence of acceptance of your contract. This can be achieved with the counterfoil from challan. You’ll get a challan identification number after your positive payment, which will be shown along with specifics and your bank number. Make sure you keep this challan always for the sake of evidence when you need proof of your service tax payment.