A Note on California Center for Ketamine Therapy

Over the years, hundreds of cures and potential answers to the problem of alcohol addiction have arisen. Not all have worked, while other methods have offered a degree of hope, the results are apparent. Non-traditional methods of treating alcoholism are rife nowadays. Predictably, institutions endorsing alternate therapy get mixed reviews. I strongly suggest you to visit California Center for Ketamine Therapy – Ketamine Clinic to learn more about this.

Still, it can be debated that as long a recovery is in process, the non-traditional methods are deemed effective. These methods include acupuncture, amino acid treatments, homeopathic therapies, wilderness-survival training and body cleansing.

Eleusis is s centre that deals with alcoholics by using non traditional methods. The centre is devoted to alternative treatment of alcohol addiction using the novel Ketamine psychedelic psychotherapy. The Wellness Enhancement and Longevity Learning (WELL) program amalgamates this powerful technique with other pioneering therapies in the Eleusis alcohol addiction treatment program. Eleusis promotes the physical health, psychological well-being and spiritual health of the recovering alcoholic, with the goal of making a full recovery.

The primary objectives of the WELL program is to optimize lifestyle through prevention and psychological growth. To a tremendous extent, positive lifestyle changes can help an alcoholic stay sober, live healthier and longer. Clients in the WELL program given tools to find positive changes that strengthen their recovery from alcoholism and boost their overall health and well-being.

Eleusis endorses addiction recovery through prevention. In the WELL program, clients educated about lifestyle strategies to conquer alcohol abuse and the diseases associated with it. The program’s truly alternative alcohol treatment approach is Ketamine psychedelic psychotherapy. This is pivotal to the course of recovery. The formidable technique expands the mind; increases psychospiritual growth and helps in promoting self-healing from alcohol and other forms of substance abuse.

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