3Dental Dublin – 3 Tips to Seeking Orthodontic Consultation

I recently had a discussion with an orthodontic client in Palm Harbor, FL who asked him, “My son’s dentist suggested that we start treatment with Invisalign Teen. Does it make sense to just start or would you suggest I ‘m looking for an orthodontic consultation?” Because I’m working in the field of orthodontics and dentistry, and I’ve had Invisalign myself and my daughter is currrrant. Visit 3Dental Dublin.

First and foremost, and in utter deference to both general, surgical, and pediatric dentists that offer Invisalign or related equipment, no orthodontic operations will ever be done beyond the orthodontic field. Even if one ultimately decides to embark on the orthodontic care path with his / her dentist, not consulting an orthodontist before starting treatment can lead to a less than desirable result, ultimately putting you back in the chair of an orthodontist. And since most orthodontists offer a free introductory evaluation there is no excuse not to find out at least how their care program is consistent with the dentist’s.

The reality is that orthodontics is a specialization in a program approved by the American Dental Association which needs at least two years of post-doctoral training. The specialization is, in layman’s words, a analysis of tooth movement dynamics and biomechanics, and avoiding facial abnormalities. The equipment, software, and orthodontist techniques used to evaluate the patient are equally specialized and enable far more precision in the creation of a treatment plan. And here are three suggestions you can pursue orthodontic treatment with while choosing:

When the dentist recommends some orthodontic treatment, inquire for a few orthodontic recommendations for second opinion. He / she should not be turned off by this kind of guy.

Ask for feedback from your peers, families and colleagues. You’ll be taken away by the multitude of answers. Offer additional credence to those who truly do lobby for an orthodontist.

Head to the recommended orthodontists’ pages and ignore those whom the American Board of Orthodontics will not approve. Surprisingly 40 percent of orthodontics practitioners are not certified by the board, which means they have no formal training in the orthodontics specialty.

I went for Invisalign directly because my orthodontist decided I was a prospect and had excellent performance. He and my daughter did not follow the same plan. Alternatively, he proposed that we go the lingual brace path, bracelets behind the teeth, as they are not noticeable, like Invisalign, which should provide for more control of tooth movement, resulting in a far more favorable outcome.

Invisalign is a great breakthrough in orthodontic equipment that is maybe the ideal way to build the dream smile. Yet I’m not an orthodontist, so frankly the doctor is not either. So if you’re the guy in Palm Harbor who is searching for Invisalign, do yourself a favor and ask your dentist for a referral.

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